Climate Change


Deliver novel AI techniques for earth observation satellite data for studies in earth and climate sciences

Biodiversity Loss and Climate Extremes — Study the Feedbacks

Enough of silos: develop a joint scientific agenda to understand the intertwined global crises of the Earth system.

Digital Forest

Develop a near real-time forest monitoring concept and capitalize on latest advances in AI for predicting major impacts of climate extremes.


Deliver practical tools for researchers and improve data availability for environmental studies/ecology.


Addresses the digital needs of researchers in Earth System Sciences with the aim to understand the functioning of all subsystems of the Earth system and their interactions.

Predicting Landscapes from Environmental Conditions Using Generative Networks

Landscapes are meaningful ecological units that strongly depend on the environmental conditions. Such dependencies between landscapes and the environment have been noted since the beginning of Earth sciences and cast into conceptual models describing …

When Tree Rings Go Global: Challenges and Opportunities for Retro- and Prospective Insight

The demand for large-scale and long-term information on tree growth is increasing rapidly as environmental change research strives to quantify and forecast the impacts of continued warming on forest ecosystems. This demand, combined with the now …

A Synthesis of Tree Functional Traits Related to Drought-Induced Mortality in Forests across Climatic Zones

Contrasting and Interacting Changes in Simulated Spring and Summer Carbon Cycle Extremes in European Ecosystems

Climate extremes have the potential to cause extreme responses of terrestrial ecosystem functioning. However, it is neither straightforward to quantify and predict extreme ecosystem responses, nor to attribute these responses to specific climate …

Have Precipitation Extremes and Annual Totals Been Increasing in the World's Dry Regions over the Last 60 Years?

Daily precipitation extremes and annual totals have increased in large parts of the global land area over the past decades. These observations are consistent with theoretical considerations of a warming climate. However, until recently these trends …