Karin Mora

Karin Mora

Postdoctoral fellow / Earth System Data Science

Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences

I’m a postdoctoral researcher at Leipzig University. I seek to uncover, explain, and predict spatiotemporal dynamics, particularly in ecological systems. I employ a range of modelling approaches, spanning from differential equations to machine learning, to gain profound insights into these complex systems. My ultimate goal is to not only characterise and quantify but also explain the emergence of intricate behaviours in such systems.

Currently, my main project focuses on combining data science and dynamical system theory to reveal complex interactions between biodiversity and climate change. It is funded by the proposed excellence cluster Breathing Nature.

Past projects include: “Extracting spatiotemporal macroechological patterns using crowd-sourced plant occurrence data” funded by FLEXPOOL, iDiv.

Supervision (recent):

  • Francesco Martinuzzi, PhD funded by ScaDS.AI, Modeling impacts of extreme events using Reservoir Computing
  • Leonard Schulz, Masterthesis with Theoretical Physics, Inferring dynamical information of the Earth system from dimensionality-reduction, 2023
  • Anna Schackow, Bacholor in Meteorology, Multiscale time series decomposition of sapflux measurements, 2023

Awards and grants include:

  • Workpackage PI for the DeepFeatures project funded by ESA AI4Science, 2024-2026
  • Workpackage PI for the DeepExtremes project funded by ESA AI4Science, 2022-2024
  • Forschungspreis 2015, Paderborn University, Germany
  • Technion Postdoctoral Scholarship (2014-15), Israel
  • Funding for organising an EWM summer school mini-course (2013): Dynamical systems and bifurcation theory with applications to the dynamics of planet Earth
  • Doctoral Training Scholarship EPSRC-SCI-DTA (2008-13), UK

For more details please visit my personal site.


  • nonlinear dynamics
  • complexity
  • time series analysis
  • data science, machine learning
  • mathematical ecology, biodiversity
  • land-atmosphere interactions


  • PhD in Applied Mathematics, 2014

    University of Bath, UK

  • Master of Mathematics, 2008

    University of Reading, UK

Publications (17)