Eya Cherif

Eya Cherif

PhD candidate / Remote Sensing in Geo- and Ecosystem Research

Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

I am a PhD Student at the Leipzig University and the Center for Scalable Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (ScaDS.AI). I am from a polyvalent background combining computer science, Mathematics and physics. During my master thesis, I worked with Deep Learning techniques using multispectral and SAR data for land cover classification. I find the combination between these technologies very interesting and promising. For my PhD project I aim to explore and investigate new Deep Learning techniques using hyperspectral data for vegetation parameter estimation.


  • Machine Learning/ Deep Learning
  • Remote sensing


  • MSc. in Computer Science (Double degree Program), 2021

    University of Passau, Germany

  • Telecommunications Engineer (Double degree Program), 2021

    Higher School of Communication of Tunis (SupCom), Tunisia

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